TT Mindfulness Certified Coach 

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    Tomislav Tomic / 2023
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  • Average time to complete the course. :
    45 days
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    14:35 hours

Accredited Mindfulness Coach Certification Training Program Online 

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TT MINDFULNESS = A Mindfulness-Based Way to (Re)Connect With Your Soul & Manifest Your Soul Desires

Become a TT Mindfulness Certified Coach
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What Is TT Mindfulness?

A path for modern mystics who want to live in tune with their soul and bring their soul’s desires into a visible and tangible form… And support others to do the same! Read more...
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What Makes TT Mindfulness Unique?

Inspired by mindfulness in its original form and adapted to modern lifestyles and understanding. Read more...
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If TT Mindfulness Were a Mystical, Chocolate Cake…

Explore TT Mindfulness from the perspective of a chocolate cake… Read more...
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Key Benefits

  • Focus - Develop a strong and sharp focus and learn how to manage distractions effectively.
  • Energy blockages - Release energy blockages that prevent you from living your soul's purpose.
  • Emotions - Make peace with painful and unpleasant emotions and learn to integrate the messages they bring you.
  • Soul - Strengthen your connection with your soul and embody your soul energy at a cellular level.
  • Soul desires - Discover and manifest your soul's desires in the most joyful way.
  • Accredited Certificate - Boost your coaching career with an internationally accredited TT Mindfulness certificate! (CPD provider: 22513)
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Why TT Mindfulness

  • 20+ Years Experience - Over 20 years of experience with Mindfulness (since 1998).

  • In Real Use Since 2009. - The program is based on more than 500 live workshops, and only proven techniques are selected.
  • Authentic Approach - Inspired by Mindfulness in its original form and adapted to modern lifestyles and understanding.
  • Accredited Certificate - Get an accredited diploma that is internationally recognized and respected.
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What's Included

  • Essential program - Introductory modules + 36 essential audio & video trainings (see Course Lessons).

  • Unlimited e-mail support - Unlimited e-mail support for a period of 180 days from the date of purchase.
  • 1-on-1 coaching (2 sessions) - 45 minute Zoom/Skype coaching sessions with the author of the program.
  • Final exam & accredited certificate - Get an accredited diploma that is internationally recognized and respected.
  • TT Mindfulness Coach Training Manual - Updated several times a year and includes answers to frequently asked questions and comments on common challenges in applying the methods described in the program (lifetime access) - Beginning in February 2024.
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Payment Plans Available

Payment plans are available - up to 10 monthly payments. More details below.

One Time Payments

Click on the “Enroll” button and follow the steps/payment instructions. After payment, you’ll automatically get access to the course.

Monthly Payment Plans

After you select the desired payment plan/payment option, the system will redirect you to the Paypal payment page. You’ll receive access to the course within two business days at the most. If you’d like to use a different email address to access the course (not the one you use for Paypal payments), please contact us and send us the desired email address. Click HERE to select the desired payment plan.

The price is the same regardless of the payment option!
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Tomislav Tomic

The founder of TT Mindfulness. Tomislav has been working as a holistic coach and Mindfulness trainer since 2009. He's the author of four books and over 100 articles on personal and spiritual growth.
In addition to his coaching and authoring work, Tomislav is the founder of TT Coaching - a holistic coaching certification program that has been running successfully since 2012. He also launched the EHSP Coach Program in 2021 - a program for coaches who want to specialize in coaching empaths and highly sensitive people.

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